Who are we?

FindMyKind.com is a dynamic team of professionals from around the world, specializing in all aspects of web development. The team members are experts each in his field of work, from design, through coding, template modification, testing, launching and marketing, including SEO and SEM, Social Media and Email marketing. We are a one stop shop that can provide your business with the online solutions it requires. Our team’s knowledge and expertise grows with every project we complete and so does our creativity.

together we can provide your solution

together we can provide your solution


Our team leader is Ronnie Milikovsky a seasoned SEO professional who shares a passion for Marketing, Ads & Design. Ronnie has a military background and graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business & Trade. Being a key member in several organizations, his ability to organize the project according to the timeline, delegate the different parts of the project to the most appropriate team member and hold each of us responsible alongside his expertise makes Ronnie an excellent team leader. ¬†To this day, Ronnie has lead dozens of projects and delivered many finished products ranging from creative Ads, simple and clean web designs, through complex SEO campaigns and Google Pay Per Click campaigns.

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