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With Today’s technology its possible to put together a website for your company relatively quickly. Sites that feature framed video clips, rich gallery sliders, portfolio page & blog page. These sites also have contact forms and email capture pages and can display promotions or ads. There is no need to re-invent the wheel, there are thousands of Themes or Template sites that have been designed to feature rich content in any popular media file format today. All you really need is to customize it to your business needs, replace elements you don’t need with elements you do and you can have a beautifully designed, fully functional and relatively easy to maintain Business Website.

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Template Customization

There are a few processes involved with setting up the template that usually include the installation of some required Plugins in order to display the site like its Preview Template:

  • Featured Sliders need Installation & Configuration of Plugins like ‘Rate This’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’
  • Specialty form for information submittal beyond the generic email us form
  • SEO Plugins that are necessary and do not come installed and configured
  • Google Analytics Code, which is a must, is required in order to monitor the site’s performance
  •  On-site SEO from the ground up means building the site properly and efficiently from day 1 and includes: optimizing URL’s, Meta Tags, Error redirects like 404, media files, folder and basically every aspect down to the Keyword Density on each page


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